Where Is Alien Gear Holsters Located?

Where can you buy alien gear holsters?

Amazon.com: Alien Gear Holsters®: Alien Gear Holsters®.

Why hybrid holsters are bad?

They don’t provide a full firing grip (you’re thumb is difficult) and they will not retain the gun when taken off the belt and shook upside down. Another HUGE safety risk here is that most hybrid holster wearers wind up pointing a loaded gun at themselves as they put the handgun into the holster.

What are CJ and O clips?

Our O-Clips are a great clip option for those looking for added security. These clips are a tuckable loop, replacing the previous loop attachment design that you might be used to. Leather loops are a traditional option of holster belt clip, but as snaps wear down, they lose hold.

What is the best OWB holster?

What is the best OWB holster for concealed carry? Our top pick is the Fobus Paddle Holster….Top OWB Holsters for Concealed CarryFobus Paddle Holster. … Outlaw Holsters OWB Holster. … Blackhawk SERPA CQC Holster. … Alien Gear Cloak OWB Holster.

Does alien gear make good holsters?

I own two other holsters purchased from Alien Gear and they are superb. I highly recommend Alien Gear products. Purchased as a duty holster for my Glock 23 and love it! Fits securely and holds the gun great!

What is a Tuckable clip?

A “tuckable” is a holster designed to be worn inside the waistband of your pants. A clip that fastens the holster to a belt allows a shirt to be tucked over the pistol and between the attaching clip and the holster. This allows the gun and holster, except for the belt clip, to be covered by a tucked-in shirt.

What is the best holster?

Best Concealed Carry HolstersBest IWB (Value): Concealment Express.Best IWB (Kydex): Tenicor.Best IWB (Unique): Urban Carry G3.Best OWB: Safariland.Best Bellyband: Crossbreed Belly Band.Best Ankle: Sticky Holster.Best Shoulder: Galco.Best Gun Belt: Relentless CCW.More items…•

Who makes the best Molle gear?

9 of the best MOLLE pouches money can buyOneTigris Tactical MOLLE Pouch. … CamelBak Max Gear Bottle Pouch Coyote. … Tactical Tailor Coyote Modular Utility AN/PVS-14 MNVD Night Vision Pouch. … AMYIPO MOLLE Pouch. … WYNEX Tactical MOLLE Admin Pouch. … Condor Rip-Away EMT Lite Pouch. … Orca Tactical EMT Medical First Aid IFAK Blowout Pouch.More items…•

Who invented Molle?

Natick Labs R&DInvented in 1997 by the Natick Labs R&D division of the US Army, MOLLE consists of a horizontal webbing system – also called Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) – that interweaves with the vertical strips on the back of accessories.

Are soft holsters safe?

If you use a soft holster, you should holster your firearm “BEFORE” placing the holster IWB. (If you have to draw your firearm for any reason, remove the holster and place the firearm inside before re-positioning the whole rig.) IMHO- That’s the only “SAFE” way to holster a firearm in a “soft” holster.

What is the most comfortable concealed carry holster?

5 of the most comfortable IWB concealed carry holstersCrossBreed MicroClip. The CrossBreed MicroClip is ideally suited to smaller guns such as the Ruger LCP and similar models. … N82 Tactical Original and Original Tuckable. … Bianchi Model 100T Professional Tuckable IWB. … The VentCore from Stealthgear. … The Deep Concealment Holster from Cherries. … Conclusion.

Is Molle patented?

US Patent for Molle system attachment Patent (Patent # 10,143,294 issued December 4, 2018) – Justia Patents Search.

What is wrong with Serpa holsters?

The problem is not in the design of the holster. This type of holster is actually designed to encourage a proper draw stroke. The problem lies in the fact that too many people do not properly train to use a fundamentally sound drawing motion. They get sloppy with it.

What does carry Molle mean?

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying EquipmentMOLLE is an acronym which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s a military specification that defines the load-bearing design in equipment used by NATO armed forces. This universal spec lets smaller packs and pouches swap in and out as needed by the user anywhere there’s a grid on their gear.

What is AJ clip?

J-Clip Fasteners measure 5/16″W x 1/2″L; when applied with J-Clip pliers the j-clip fastener is used to join two pieces of wire mesh together. J-Clips are great for repairing cages, making your own cages, trap making, bird cages construction, etc.

Who makes the best IWB holster?

Best IWB HolstersConcealment Express: IWB Holster. at Concealment Express. View Details 35 at Concealment Express. … Concealment Express: IWB Holster. at Concealment Express. … Tenicor Holsters. at Tenicor. … CrossBreed SuperTuck. at Crossbreed. … Best Value (IWB) Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.5. … Most Unique (IWB) Urban Carry G3.

What are alien gear holsters made of?

Whereas the typical hybrid holster with a leather backer would employ an 8-ounce leather, Alien Gear uses a 12-ounce leather backer. Instead of using a thin shell made of thermoplastic acrylic polyvinyl chloride such as Kydex, a thicker shell was devised for greater durability.

Are hybrid holsters any good?

A well-made hybrid will typically be quite comfortable since you have a large backer pressed against your body rather than just a small holster possibly made of hard material. … Hybrids also completely shield the gun from touching the body whereas most traditional IWB holsters do not.