What Means Flutter?

What is the meaning of fluttering?

1 : to flap the wings rapidly butterflies fluttering among the flowers.

2a : to move with quick wavering or flapping motions a sail fluttering in the wind.

b : to vibrate in irregular spasms his heart fluttered.

3 : to move about or behave in an agitated aimless manner She nervously fluttered around the office..

What is the synonym of fluttering?

Synonyms. flicker flitter move back and forth waver quiver. Antonyms.

What does exaltation mean?

1 : an act of exalting : the state of being exalted. 2 : an excessively intensified sense of well-being, power, or importance. 3 : an increase in degree or intensity exaltation of virulence of a virus.

Do butterflies flutter?

A butterfly is physically capable of flying a straight true course, instead of flitting and fluttering up and down, seemingly erratically. Basically, it flutters that way because it can; unlike most other flying insects. … This is unlike other insects, whose wings flutter much much faster, but have far less surface area.

Is Fluttering an onomatopoeia?

An onomatopoeia is a very special thing. It’s a word like quack or flutter, or oink or boom or zing. It sounds just like its meaning, for example snort and hum.

What can you do for atrial flutter?

Treatments include:Medicines to slow your heart rate. They may also help relieve your symptoms. … Blood-thinning medicines to help prevent stroke. You and your doctor can decide if you will take medicine to lower your risk.Electrical cardioversion to stop atrial flutter. … Catheter ablation to stop atrial flutter.

Why do I feel movement in my heart?

Many people experience slight heart palpitations from time to time. Such feelings can be brought on by exercise, anxiety, excess caffeine and other things. Generally, these last only a few seconds, and not a cause for worry.

Are heart palpitations a sign of a heart attack?

Heart palpitations If the beat gets out of rhythm, this could be a sign you’re having a heart attack. Heart palpitations due to heart attack can create a sense of unease or anxiety, especially in women.

What’s another word for flustered?

SYNONYMS FOR fluster 1 upset, bewilder, disconcert, disturb. 4 turmoil, agitation, upset, bewilderment, distraction.

What does spluttered mean?

verb (used without object) to talk rapidly and somewhat incoherently, as when confused, excited, or embarrassed: When pushed for an explanation, he always spluttered. to make a sputtering sound, or emit particles of something explosively, as water dropped onto a hot griddle.

What is the sentence of fluttering?

Fluttering sentence examples. Flakes of falling snow were fluttering in that light. She swallowed hard at the question, panic fluttering through her. The three men, as they passed, looked down and saw the little birds fluttering in the cold, wet grass.

What does you make my heart flutter mean?

If someone makes your heart flutter, you find that person very physically attractive and you feel excited when you see or talk to them: James has been making hearts flutter ever since he joined the company.

What’s the definition of ration?

noun. a fixed allowance of provisions or food, especially for soldiers or sailors or for civilians during a shortage: a daily ration of meat and bread. an allotted amount: They finally saved up enough gas rations for the trip.

What does all a flutter mean?

UK. in a state of nervous excitement: Peter was coming round for dinner and I was all of a flutter. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases.

What part of speech is flutter?

part of speech: transitive verb. definition: to cause to flutter; wave, beat, or agitate.

How do you stop heart flutters?

2. Do vagal maneuversTake a cold shower, splash cold water on your face, or apply a cold towel or icepack to your face for 20-30 seconds. The “shock” of the cold water helps stimulate the nerve.Chant the word “Om” or cough or gag.Hold your breath or bear down like you’re having a bowel movement.