What Is The Example Of Possession?

What is the verb of possession?

transitive verb.

1a : to have and hold as property : own.

b : to have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill.

2a : to seize and take control of : take into one’s possession..

Is family a possession?

According to a survey; women’s top prized possessions are family photos, home, wedding ring, engagement ring, family pet, photographs of deceased relatives and Jewelry. … Photos of children are one of the most Prized Possessions from parents around the world.

What are the essential elements of possession?

There are two essential elements of possession. These are the corpus of the possession and the animus or intention to hold the possession. Corpus of the possession refers to the body of the possession, which is, the object which is in the possession of the possessor.

What is a possession in a sentence?

1 : the condition of having or owning something The will is in my possession.

How do you express possession?

It shows a relationship of belonging between one thing and another. To form the possessive, add apostrophe + s to the noun. If the noun is plural, or already ends in s, just add an apostrophe after the s.

How do you show possession in English?

Apostrophe Rules for PossessivesUse an apostrophe + S (‘s) to show that one person/thing owns or is a member of something. … Use an apostrophe after the “s” at the end of a plural noun to show possession. … If a plural noun doesn’t end in “s,” add an apostrophe + “s” to create the possessive form.

How do you identify possession?

Use the apostrophe to show possession. Place the apostrophe before the s to show singular possession.

What is the root word of possession?

from Latin possessus, past participle of possidere “to have and hold, hold in one’s control, be master of, own,” probably a compound of potis “having power, powerful, able” (from PIE root *poti- “powerful; lord”) + sedere, from PIE root *sed- (1) “to sit.”

The essence of the concept of possession in law is that, at the relevant time, you intentionally have control over the object in question. You may have this control alone or jointly with some other person or persons. … You can possess something jointly with one or more other persons.

What does valuable possession mean?

a prized/treasured possession (=one that is very important to you): Her most prized possession is a locket that she wears constantly. Synonyms and related words.

What is a possession of a subject?

Explanation: An apostrophe and the letter ‘s’ are used to show possession.It is important to put the apostrophe in the correct place, either before the ‘s’ or after the ‘s’, depending on whether the subject is singular or plural.

What is the meaning of possession in grammar?

Grammar. Apostrophe + s to show possession. When we show who owns something or has a close relationship with something, we use an apostrophe + s after the name or the noun. When the noun is plural, we put the apostrophe after the s: … Possessive ‘s.

Is money a possession?

Possessions are those things you own. If you have money, than that is a possession. Possessions are wealth because possessions includes everything you own including your money.

What are possession words?

A noun names a person, place, thing, idea, quality or action. A possessive noun shows ownership by adding an apostrophe, an “s” or both. To make a single noun possessive, simply add an apostrophe and an “s.”

What possession is most important?

Here are the 5 things that are most important to me.My Engagement Ring. All of my jewelry is super important to me because most of it has sentimental value of some sort. … My Computer & External Hard Drive. As a blogger, this is my lifeline right here. … My Scrapbooks. … My House. … My Car.

What is difference between possession and ownership?

Ownership vs Possession Ownership involves the absolute rights and legitimate claim to an object. It means to own the object by the owner. Possession is more the physical control of an object. The possessor has a better claim to the title of the object than anyone, except the owner himself.

What are the different kinds of possession?

Following are the important types of possession:Corporeal possession.Incorporeal Possession.Mediate possession.Immediate possession.Constructive possession.Adverse possession.De facto possession.De jure possession.

What does in my possession mean?

Possession is all about control: if you have possession of something, you own it, or have your hands on it. … If your house keys are in your possession, you know where they are. In soccer being in possession means having control of the ball; in hockey, it’s having your stick on the puck.