What Is A Consumptive?

What is an example of non consumptive water use?

A water use is considered non-consumptive when the water remains in or is immediately returned to the location in a stream or aquifer from which it was extracted.

For example, hydroelectric power generation and recreational uses are considered to be a non-consumptive uses of water..

What do you call someone who wears glasses?

bespectacled (comparative more bespectacled, superlative most bespectacled) Wearing spectacles (glasses).

What is another word for electric?

In this page you can discover 42 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for electric, like: static, charged, mechanical, electrifying, magnetic, thrilling, galvanic, galvanizing, manual, steam and electic.

Why is most groundwater considered nonrenewable?

Why is most groundwater considered nonrenewable? The recharge rate is not fast enough to match our withdrawal of groundwater.

What does non consumptive mean?

: not using or consuming something nonconsumptive water use These nonconsumptive visitors—a bureaucratic term that is used to differentiate bird watchers and photographers from hunters and fishermen … —

What is another word for consumption?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for consumption, like: expenditure, using, ruin, using-up, depletion, consuming, use, decay, burning, dissipation and dispersion.

What is the meaning of bespectacled?

adj wearing, or having the face adorned with, eyeglasses or an eyeglass. “a bespectacled grandmother” Synonyms: monocled, spectacled adorned, decorated. provided with something intended to increase its beauty or distinction.

What does polyglot mean?

1a : speaking or writing several languages : multilingual. b : composed of numerous linguistic groups a polyglot population. 2 : containing matter in several languages a polyglot sign.

What is another name for the disease consumption?

Tuberculosis, also known as consumption, is a disease caused by bacteria that usually attacks the lungs, and at the turn of the 20th century, the leading cause of death in the United States.

What is a direct value?

Direct values include the ways in which biodiversity is used or consumed by man e.g. fishery and forestry products, as well as the ways in which it affects mankind through its ecological processes e.g. watershed protection or the role of vegetation in the carbon and water cycles.

What is another word for nervous?

Some common synonyms of nervous are energetic, lusty, strenuous, and vigorous.

Which of the following is an example of consumptive use of water?

ANSWER: Consumptive use means that the water cannot be recovered, usually because it is lost to evaporation or transpiration, or to deep aquifers. Examples include irrigation, lawn watering, and some fraction of the water used for fracking or cooling in thermoelectric power generation.

What is consumptive value?

Consumptive Use Value refers to non-market value of resources such as firewood, game meat, etc. Such resources are consumed directly, without passing through a market. They usually are not calculated (but often can be approximated).

What does nuance mean?

subtle distinctionnuance \NOO-ahnss\ noun. 1 : a subtle distinction or variation. 2 : a subtle quality : nicety. 3 : sensibility to, awareness of, or ability to express delicate shadings (as of meaning, feeling, or value)

What is aesthetic value?

Aesthetic value is the value that an object, event, or state of affairs (most paradigmatically an artwork or the natural environment) possesses in virtue of its capacity to elicit pleasure (positive value) or displeasure (negative value) when appreciated or experienced aesthetically.

What is consumptive and non consumptive?

Consumptive Use of Surface and Ground Water Consumptive water use causes diminishment of the source at the point of appropriation. Definition: Diminishment is defined as to make smaller or less in quantity, quality, rate of flow, or availability.

What is non consumptive value?

This website has limited functionality with javascript off. Term. the value of resources which are not diminished by their use. Values that do not require access to or active use of a biological resource by the valuer.

What is instream water use?

Instream use refers to water use taking place within a stream channel. Examples are hydroelectric power generation, navigation, fish propagation and use, and recreational activities. Some instream uses, usually associated with fish populations and navigation, require a minimum amount of water to be viable.