What Does Deign Mean?

What part of speech is deign?

deignpart of speech:intransitive verbinflections:deigns, deigning, deigneddefinition:to consider some act to be appropriate or in keeping with one’s dignity; condescend.

She did not deign to respond to the impolite questions.

synonyms: condescend, stooprelated words:bother, stooppart of speech:transitive verb4 more rows.

What does vouchsafe mean?

verb (used with object), vouch·safed, vouch·saf·ing. to grant or give, as by favor, graciousness, or condescension: to vouchsafe a reply to a question. to allow or permit, as by favor or graciousness: They vouchsafed his return to his own country.

What is the meaning of dogmatic?

adjective. relating to or of the nature of a dogma or dogmas or any strong set of principles concerning faith, morals, etc., as those laid down by a church; doctrinal: We hear dogmatic arguments from both sides of the political spectrum.

What’s the meaning of deign?

to think fit or in accordance with one’s dignity; condescend: He would not deign to discuss the matter with us.

What are the 2 types of design?

Two disciplines involving in product design process, engineering design and industrial design are reviewed. They are characterized as ‘Inside Design’ dealing with Product-working Functionality and ‘Outside Design’ dealing with Human-using Functionality respectively.

Is Dain a word?

1. An obsolete spelling of deign.

What does divulge mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make known (something, such as a confidence or secret) refused to divulge the name of her informant divulge the company’s sales figures. 2 archaic : to make public : proclaim.

What does vouchsafe mean in modern English?

Vouchsafe is a verb meaning to offer something in a condescending way. You might vouchsafe to your brother the secret to your key lime pie recipe. … Vouchsafe comes from the Middle English expression “To vouch something safe on someone,” meaning you confer something in a way that’s secure.

What does volition mean?

the act of willing, choosing, or resolving; exercise of willing: She left of her own volition. a choice or decision made by the will.

What does hankering mean?

intransitive verb. : to have a strong or persistent desire : yearn —often used with for or after.

What is another word for divulge?

Some common synonyms of divulge are betray, disclose, reveal, and tell.

How do you use deign in a sentence?

Deign sentence examplesShe does not deign to be clever…. … At the next review, they say, the Emperor did not once deign to address him. … He only saw in her a pretty and fresh young girl, with whom he did not deign to unite his fate. … “You won’t deign to demean yourself by marrying me, you…” said Helene, beginning to cry.More items…

What does design mean?

A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the result of that plan or specification in the form of a prototype, product or process. The verb to design expresses the process of developing a design.

Why is design so important?

In general, good design is simply the ability to portray your message the best way possible. … Here’s why design is important: great design makes it easier for customers to use your website, attracts the right people to your brand, and conveys your brand values in a matter of seconds.

What are the qualities of a good designer?

10 essential traits of a successful graphic designerCommunication. A designer’s job is to communicate a client’s story, brand and ideas, but you’ll also need excellent communication skills to present, charm and negotiate for your work. … Curiosity. … Passion and Drive. … Openness. … Ability to Take Criticism. … Problem Solving. … Self-doubt. … Patience.More items…•