Quick Answer: How Do You Say In The End?

Is it a end or an end?

One fixed expression is ‘come to an end’; so sentence 1) is correct.

Because ‘come to AN end’ is correct, sentence 2) is not correct.

‘The end of something’ means ‘the final point of something,’ so sentence 3) is correct..

What can I write instead of and?

And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, first, second, etc., again, further, last, finally, not only-but also, as well as, in the second place, next, likewise, similarly, in fact, as a result, consequently, in the same way, for example, for instance, …

How do you say at the end?

At the end. In the end. After it was over. Now that we have reached the end….Here are 21 different ways:In conclusion.Finally.Epilogue:Ultimately.After the dust settled,The aftermath was/ Aftermath:Once it was over.Upon completion.More items…•

What is another way to say in the end?

What is another word for in the end?eventuallyfinallyhereafterconclusivelyin conclusionin consummationas a conclusionin the sequelat the closewhen push comes to shove66 more rows

Is at the end or in the end?

Simply put, at the end refers to a specific time or location, whilst in the end is an idiomatic phrase that means in conclusion or in summary. However, the difference between at the end and in the end shows one of the main differences between use of the prepositions at and in.

What is mean of eventually?

Eventually. We use the adverb eventually to mean ‘in the end’, especially when something has involved a long time, or a lot of effort or problems: …

What does when push comes to shove mean?

Phrase. when push comes to shove. (figurative, idiomatic) When the pressure is on; when the situation is critical or urgent; when the time has come for action, even if it is difficult. He is not a particularly talented builder, but when push comes to shove, he can usually get the job done.

Why do we say the end?

Thee is for vowels and the is for consonants. The reason it evolved that way is so you can use the words together fluidly in a sentence. If you say “the end” instead of “thee end” then you have to put a break between the two words. … Inserting a frontal vowel allows an easier transition.

How do you say something has ended?

a closed book. phrase. something that you accept has completely ended.all done. phrase. used for saying that you have finished doing something.all over bar the shouting. phrase. … anymore. adverb. … be done and dusted. phrase. … behind. adverb. … be history. phrase. … be through with something. phrase.More items…

What do you say at the beginning of a video?

This gets them excited for what is coming up and lets them know that what they expected from the title and thumbnail is actually going to happen in the video. As an example, say you want to make a video called “How to make a birthday cake.” In the beginning of your video you could say, “Hey guys!

What can I write instead of in conclusion?

Alternatives for In ConclusionTo sum up,In summary,To conclude,In closing,Finally, it may be concluded…To summarize,All in all,Overall, it may be said…More items…•

What do you say at the end of a video?

At the end of the video, you can say something like, “If you enjoyed this video and want to hear from me again, be sure to hit that Subscribe button before you go.” Another tactic is to include a link to your channel in a pinned comment.

What is the meaning of at the end?

phrase. If something is at an end, it has finished and will not continue. The court has passed sentence and the matter is now at an end.

What does nuisance mean?

: something (as an act, object, or practice) that invades or interferes with another’s rights or interests (as the use or enjoyment of property) by being offensive, annoying, dangerous, obstructive, or unhealthful. — attractive nuisance.