Question: What Does Regen Mean On A Bobcat?

What happens during a regen?

DPF regen happens when the trapped particulates heat up enough to combust and turn to ash.

The built-up soot is thereby removed as gaseous carbon dioxide.

Regeneration may happen one of three ways: passive, active, or forced..

What triggers DPF regeneration?

They came up with a system in which active regeneration is activated when the amount of soot gathered in the DPF reaches a certain level. … When the soot gathered reaches this amount, it triggers the process of post combustion fuel injection which increases the temperature of the exhaust.

How long does manual Regen take?

Monitor the vehicle and surrounding area during the manual regeneration. If any unsafe condition occurs, shut off the engine immediately. Manual regeneration process may take up to 1 hour to complete.

How do you clear the fault code on a bobcat?

All you have to do to reset your code is to login to machine with original code, hold enter code for 2 or 3 seconds, enter new code, enter new code again, then it will be changed.