Is VIP Auction Legit?

What happened to MadBid?

MadBid was a Gamified eCommerce and online auction website registered under Marcandi Ltd.

in the United Kingdom.

However, in August 2018, Madbid closed up the company and ended all sales..

What are the best penny auction sites?

The Top 20 Penny Auction Websites OnlineQuiBids. QuiBids is a popular penny auction site with a variety of fun and useful features. … Beezid. Beezid is an auction site that offers all new products with a starting bid of zero. … Happy BidDay. … Deal Dash. … OrangeBidz. … MadBid. … Penny Auctions Canada. … WellBid.More items…

Is VIP auction fake?

“VIP Auctions are 100% a Scam company, if you want to donate money to another party, then please look towards a registered charity. These people just take your money for nothing in return. If it’s too good, then your likely to be scammed, glad I stayed well away, … VIP auction are 100% scammers..”

Are police auctions genuine?

Buying stolen goods at police auctions is completely legal. And the best part is, not many people know they exist, let alone on that they’re on eBay and other online auction sites. You can find some real gems with (hopefully!) little competition from other buyers.

Are police auctions good for cars?

Pros. Buying a car at a police car auction can get you an excellent deal. The prices are meager because the police want to remove those vehicles from their fleet as soon as they can so they don’t have to manage the cars anymore, but also to recover some of the money owed by the previous owners.

What do police auctions sell?

Most merchandise that ends up in government auctions is surplus. Goods that are overstocked, no longer needed or updated. Real estate, commercial property, and homes are sold as surplus. The goods are sold when the government no longer has a use for them or the property was seized as a result of criminal activity.

What is the best online auction site?

Here are 30 alternatives to eBay that offer an online auction trading platform for online sellers.uBid. uBid is a well-known name in online auctions. … eBid. eBid has been buying and selling online since 1999. … Listia. … Pickles Auctions. … ShopGoodwill. … The SaleRoom. … Auction Maxx. … Atomic Mall.More items…•

Is VIPauction a con?

VIPauction is a scam company! I would not even give VIP auction a star for it is definitely a scam company in their dealings with customers. First they took two payments of £59 from me. … They are nasty people taking money from people and not refunding when they should like most companies would. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!

Is Madbid legit?

Yes there some valid points to these negative reviews but overall i would say Madbid was an excellent and fun website as it allowed you the thrill of bidding on expesnive items even cars and possilby winning! … It was a relatively cheap bidding site as you could easily win free bids to boost your amount of bids…

Can you make money from police auctions?

Police auctions – Bumblebee Auctions Police auctions are a great place to start. … You can also sometimes pick up cars at Bumblebee Auctions – they tend to be in fairly poor condition but are often really cheap, so if you fancy putting in some work and cleaning a vehicle up, you could make a real profit.