How Does Democracy Allows To Correct Our Mistakes?

How far is it correct that no country is a perfect democracy?

Answer: It is not correct to say that no country has perfect democracy.

Explanation: Because the reason behind it is that we can take example of Our Country India We know that India is the largest Democracy in the world ..

How far it is correct that no country has a perfect democracy?

In a democracy, every citizen must be a part of decision making. It does not require a right to vote. Each person should have enough information, proper education, equal resources and a lot of commitment. These show that no country cannot be a perfect democracy.

How are mistakes corrected in a democracy Class 9?

Answer Expert Verified In the end, after the public pressure and without any support from other parties, ruling party has to change their decision and it fixes the mistake. Otherwise ruling party will not have any more votes in the upcoming elections.

Is it true of democracy that it allows a way of correcting its mistakes and offers more dignity to all citizens?

Answer. “Yes, it is true that democracy allows a way of correcting its mistakes and offers more dignity to all citizens. In a democracy, the assurance can be given that mistakes will never be committed by the rulers who were elected by the people.

What options do we have in a democracy if any mistake is committed?

Answer Expert Verified If mistakes are committed in a democracy,then the people and the opposition party leaders should the protest the government. Then,the government taking heed from this, should recognize those mistakes and take steps and measures to correct them to improve the situation.

How many countries in the world are democratic?

The Democracy Index is an index compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), a UK-based private company. It is self-described as intending to measure the state of democracy in 167 countries, of which 166 are sovereign states and 164 are UN member states.

What do you understand by room for correction Class 9?

Answer: In a democracy there is room for public discussions on government’s rules or mistakes and there is room for correction. Either the rulers have to change their decisions or the rulers can be changed.

Who is the largest democracy in the world?

India (Hindi: Bhārat), officially the Republic of India (Hindi: Bhārat Gaṇarājya), is a country in South Asia. It is the second-most populous country, the seventh-largest country by land area, and the most populous democracy in the world.

How does democracy allows us to correct our mistakes?

The advantage in a democracy is that such mistakes cannot be hidden for long. There is a space for public discussion on these mistakes. And there is room for correction. Either the rulers have to change their decisions, or the rulers can be changed.

What are the 3 types of democracy?

Different types of democraciesDirect democracy.Representative democracy.Constitutional democracy.Monitory democracy.

Which country is an example of perfect democracy?

IndiaIndia is an best example of perfect democracy. Because India is a democratic country.

What is the role of citizen in promoting democracy?

By voting, citizens are participating in the democratic process. Citizens vote for leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the citizens’ interests. There are two special rights only for U.S. citizens: voting in federal elections and running for federal office.