Can I Bring A Friend To A Redundancy Meeting?

How do you win a disciplinary hearing?

Give yourself enough time to prepare.

You are entitled to ask to reschedule your disciplinary meeting.

Bring backup with you.

Your employer must allow you to bring a work colleague or a trade union rep with you to your disciplinary hearing.

Outline your argument.

Bring your own evidence.

Exercise your right to appeal..

Can you make someone redundant on the sick?

Yes, it’s possible to make a member of your team redundant if they’re off sick. However, it would be inappropriate to base a decision to make someone redundant on their health, as this could lead to claims of unfair dismissal and discrimination.

Can you make someone redundant and then replace them?

Once employment has terminated by reason of redundancy, if the economic situation suddenly changes and the employer needs to employ someone, it may re-employ the redundant employee. … The employer is under no obligation to offer the redundant employee their job back; it is entitled to recruit someone else instead.

Can I go off sick during redundancy consultation?

For a redundancy dismissal to be fair, it is essential that the employer consults with the employee, even if they are absent due to illness. … The employer should enable the employee to play an active role in the redundancy consultation, preferably by holding meetings with them in person.

Who can attend a disciplinary meeting?

Disciplinary meetings can be a stressful and confronting experience for an employee (and manager). A support person may be a friend, family member or union representative. They are permitted to sit next to the employee during the meeting and can speak with the employee.

How do I make someone redundant nicely?

10 Tips on How to Announce RedundancyDevelop a clear and simple communication strategy. Communicate a clear and consistent message based on the business reasons for the change. … Prepare and practise. … Avoid leaks. … Be compassionate, visible and supportive. … Signpost individuals to resources that can help them.

What happens if I’m sacked for gross misconduct?

Minimum entitlements to notice. So, you have been sacked or given notice of termination or you wish to resign from your job. … If an employee accepts that their termination is due to their gross misconduct, they will not be entitled to payment for notice although they will be entitled to payment for any annual leave owed …

Can I take a family member to a redundancy meeting?

Legally, the right to be accompanied only covers disciplinary and grievance hearings (including any appeal hearings). Therefore, technically, you do not have to allow a companion to any type of meeting which is not a disciplinary or grievance hearing, including a redundancy consultation meeting.

How do you defend yourself in a disciplinary hearing?

Top 5 tips to defend disciplinary action against youWhat are the allegations? You must find out exactly what the allegations against you are prior to the disciplinary meeting. … Obtain a copy of your employer’s disciplinary procedure. … Always attend the disciplinary meeting. … Take a disciplinary statement. … Appeal.

What can a support person do in a disciplinary meeting?

What can a support person do at a disciplinary meeting? The law states that the support person is there “to assist in any discussions relating to dismissal”. It is generally accepted that a support person plays a passive role and is not allowed to advocate for the employee.

Can I be made redundant without consultation?

There is no legislative requirement to consult about the redundancy before a decision is made to make an employee redundant. The Fair Work Ombudsman can assist you with enquiries about the application of modern awards and enterprise agreements.

What are the stages of redundancy?

Basically, there are five main stages to consider during the redundancy process:Stage 1: Preparation. … Stage 2: Selection. … Stage 3: Individual Consultation. … Stage 4: Notice of Redundancy and Appeals. … Stage 5: The Termination Process.

Can a support person speak?

A Support Person’s Behaviour in the Meeting The person leading the meeting should clarify at the outset that the support person should not speak on behalf of the employee. They can speak with the employee. If the support person starts answering questions, you should remind them that they cannot do this.

How long after being made redundant can I sign on?

You do not have to wait until you have used up your redundancy payment to be able to sign on. Most people who were employed under PAYE will have made enough national insurance (NI) contributions to qualify for contributions-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, which is payable for 26 weeks regardless of savings and income.

Can you use CCTV in a disciplinary?

“The purpose of the system is to prevent crime and promote staff security and public safety. If, in the event of viewing CCTV for the specified purpose, a disciplinary action is observed, the CCTV can be used for the purpose of a disciplinary investigation.

Can I take a friend to a disciplinary hearing?

You have the right to take someone with you to a disciplinary hearing, but you must tell your employer about this first. Your companion can be either: a colleague. a trade union representative.

What can a support person do?

The role of a support person is to provide emotional support and reassurance to an employee. … DO provide emotional support and reassurance for employee. DO observe the proceedings, assist with clarifying the process and take notes. DO quietly prompt or give advice to the employee, including requesting a break if needed.